Date/日: 7th~9th[Workshop], 10th[Lecture] March 2016

Venue/場所: Hong Kong Design Institute /香港デザイン大学

Workshop participant/参加者: Higher Diploma Jewellery and Image Product Design,Higher Diploma Jewellery Design and Technology Students(total about 70 students)/ジュエリーデザイン・イメージプロダクト科及びジュエリーデザイン・テクノロジー科 準学士受講学生(合計70数名)

Detai of the workshop/ワークショップ内容:
I was invited to HKDI as a guest teacher who provides consultancy service to stimulates students how to utilize 3DCAD as tool on generating new design ideas as 3 days workshop and opportunity for 1 day lecture.
My workshop aim was generating new design by students using my way of design methodology through MN creation.
In detail each of them should bring their attracted photography then subdivide them to extract single curve.After that they start drawing from extracted single curve to expand pattern/design in order to get their unexpected new design.
After they have tried to expand their imagination as much as possible from a curve element, design is modeled on 3DCAID software and expand more concrete and finally it turns out as jewelry design.
The aim is obtaining individual new design they have never thought before,furthermore creating three-dimentional structure or pattern from just single curve as element to expand independent idea.
具 体的には、各自が魅力を感じる写真を持参し、更に細分化して「線」を抽出し、それをアイデアとしてドローイングを行い予想外のデザインに展開する。各自 のイマジネーションを「線」という要素から十分に展開した後、3DCAIDを用いた立体モデリングにてデザインを発展させ、最終的にはジュエリーデザイン として変換する。

Conclusion of the workshop/ワークショップ結果 :
Students exhibited 3DCAD designed rendering printed papers with scale description.
They understood this workshop aim sufficiently and output very flexible idea made me completely pleased and surprised.
Particularly several students looked successful to deconstruct from their beginning idea to conclusion with high quality rendering was astonishing for me.
They achieved high performance result rather than I thought at the beginning of the workshop.Actually I’ve been inspired a lot that I would inform this workshop has finished absolute success.

Detail of lectrure/レクチャー内容:

  • The sequence of events my Structure series/ストラクチャーシリーズの経緯
  • Work flow on my design process/デザインする際のフロー
  • Concept and promotion on MN/MNでのコンセプトやプロモーション
  • My opinion about jewelry marketing, Difference of Asian/European market and so on/ジュエリーのマーケティング、欧州、アジアでの違いなど
  • Summary as conclusion/まとめ