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What I’m learning now

What I’m learning now








Couple of years ago, one of my creator mate and I had the Creative Meeting once in a month by ourselves.
We haven’t done such pompous thing just had conversation along these topic,
What you’re working for now, Your immediate target, What you’re learning now
Both of us prefer to talk constructively so the meeting became very inspirational.

I’m always bearing in my mind the target should be set to myself, once you set command as target into your brain as if you do to computer it will run automatically.
While the computer is running what the driver[you] have to do is having concentration successively, then you’ll certainly reach to the target.

I like to learn new thing.[the word “learning” inclines me to hard time so I’m under the impression that it’s “enjoying”.]
I also like new challenging procedure. I’m always searching for the new way to incarnate my image.

What I’m learning now is programming. It’s few years now since I started teaching myself though I’m often unsure if I’m advancing or just stopping.
I won’t get any license thing even if I will have acquired it but I’m keeping in my mind that I should try new thing to provide something interesting for whom will look at my works.
So I’m trying it respectively for reference English pdf tutorials or some movie explanation.

Currently I’m searching for the possibility programming and three-dimentional modeling, it would be more fun if I can combine my photography as well.

You can see example of what I’m teaching myself now on below 2 short movie.

I already miss the Creative Meeting.