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アトリエ/workshop | Masahiro NAKATA

the Journal

Latest news and so on.



(English is as follows)



本当に長い時間がかかった。それは一か月で答えが出るものでなければ一年でもない。 そして正直に言うと、自分自身を発見することは、他人がしていることをただ真似るよりもはるかに難しい。でもそれを手に入れる価値はあると信じていた。



このような数年に及ぶ修行的な経験を通して学んだことは、成功した瞬間もエラーが発生した瞬間も、そのどちらにおいても安定した精神を保持することがとても重要であるということ。 目標を達成するための最善の方法は、やるべきタスクに従いただ継続的に行動すること。 感情的になることは多くの場合足を引っ張る。


たぶんこれは奇妙に聞こえるだろうが、アトリエは自分が過去10年間にやったこと、苦労したこと、考えたこと、経験したこと全部を知っている。そして今、新しいプロジェクトのために自分の環境と信頼性の高い道具、機械などから離れる事 -過去10年で経験しなかった事- を少し不安に思う。




It’s been 10 years since I started working in my current workshop. I’ve experimented a lot of thing in order to discover my style-myself mainly.
I was thinking around decade ago building my own style requires encountering a lot of other excellent design/art (It’s probably correct) then I researched them by books, by movies (YouTube wasn’t useful at that moment) and to visit them as real experience.
One day I realized I’ve got so many information already in spite of my style is still vague.

So I started to explore what attracts me truly, not like what others do, just asked to myself how I feel specifically while I’m working on various kind of works respectively, not just only art/design but also computational design, programming, mechanical engineering, biology, science, economics, statistics and Buddhism.
It took long while not just for a month nor a year. And to be honest discovering yourself is way more difficult than just mimicking what others doing. But I do believe it’s worth to obtain.

I spent lot of time in my workshop I spent around 330 days in some years just for
experimentation and developing tools,technique,machines by myself.
It was not just fun/gaudy creative life like people usually imagine, was mostly plain and patient days just for doing continuous research and trial from error of yesterday.
What I’ve learned my disciplinary experience from past several years is to keep steady mind both at successful moment and at moment error occurred. Because I found the best way to achieve the goal is to keep continuous trying just following the task. Being emotional is obstructing you in your attempt in many cases.
The time I spent in my workshop taught me this as my principal thought.

Maybe this sounds like odd but my workshop knows what I’ve done for past 10 years, how I struggled, what I thought, what I experienced.
And now actually I’m a little anxious leaving my environment and reliable tools, machines for upcoming new project  – I’ve never experienced it past 10 years- .

Although I understand new challenging has always fright and releasing reliable things let you hesitate.
On the other hand it’s surely worth to try and will bring you new experience to move to next level.
I will try to stable my mind and will keep trying as always.



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