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ナカタ マサヒロはストラクチャー=構造体その物に長い間魅了されてきた。




Masahiro Nakata has been attracted something called structure and also element has repetitive pattern for many years.
Structure is essentially framework itself but he perceives it as spatial constructed decoration.
It changes visual/pattern aspect due to viewing angle.
Structure creates three-dimensional repetitive pattern which has meaning itself therefore it composes aesthetic pattern in space.

He uses following technique/methods by himself to realize his image such as traditional jewelry making technique, contemporary jewelry manufacturing technology, individual own investment casting technique, design&building up the machines for jewelry manufacturing, programming, photo-shooting, video-shooting.
Every piece of work is made by himself.

'To decorate you in a moment of my life, and exhausted all of my structures.’

[vc_accordion active_tab=”false” collapsible=”yes”][vc_accordion_tab title=”経歴”][vc_column_text]ナカタ マサヒロ

2006 Fachhochschule Düsseldorf/FachbereichDesign
デュッセルドルフ専門単科大学 プロダクト/ジュエリーデザイン科 聴講生
2005 デザインとアートと文化のリサーチ/体験の為、バックパッカーで欧州とアジア数カ国を放浪
2004-2005 伊丹ジュエリーカレッジ 卒業
2003 坪 文子 氏 主宰 彫金教室アトリエドーム
2002 独学でワックスモデリング技法によるジュエリー制作
1993-1998 大阪高専 電子情報工学科卒業
2014 HKJMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacture Show(香港)
2013 HKJMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacture Show(香港)
2012 2人展 “7years later-7年後”(ジュエリーデザイナー 薬師桂子と) Ponte M(大阪)
2011 グループ展 &’s Gallery(大阪)
2011 グループ展”クラフト・雑貨マーケット展”阪神百貨店梅田本店(大阪)
2011 グループ展”JEWELLERY10″ギャラリー・ルポール(神戸)
2011 グループ展”関西クリエイター展”伊丹市立工芸センター(伊丹)
2011 グループ展”Jewelry for Men” gallery C.A.J.(京都)
2009 グループ展“New Generation 2009”Stella&Kirana(大阪)
2009 グループ展 “現世美術館” 建仁寺禅居庵 (京都)
2008 個展 “I see a different you” アンテナギャラリー(京都)
2008 2人展 “Nothing WHITE” PANTALOON(大阪)(アーティスト・マウロ=アリッギとコラボレーション)
2007 AMUSE ART JAM 2007 in Kyoto(京都)
2006 グループ展 “Men’s Jewelery”(伊丹)
2005 グループ展 “The Enchanted Man”(北京/中国)

2007 AMUSE ART JAM 2007 in Kyoto
2007 伊丹国際クラフト展 主題「ジュエリー」 入選
2006 伊丹国際クラフト展 主題「酒器・酒盃台」 入選
2005 神戸ドラフト4!
2004 神戸ファッションコンテストパールジュエリー部門 (スポンサー:(株)木下真珠)[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”CV”][vc_column_text]Masahiro NAKATA
born in Osaka City/Japan

2006 Fachhochschule Düsseldorf/FachbereichDesign
Department of Product and Jewelry design as a guest student
2005 traveled some countries in Asia&Europe with backpack for research/experience about design/art/culture.
2004-2005 Itami College of Jewelry Graduated
2003 learn metal smith private class by Fumiko Tsubo
2002 started jewelry making in wax modeling way by myself
1993-1998 Osaka Prefectural College of Technology/ Department of Electronics and Information Science graduated
2007 AMUSE ART JAM 2007 in Kyoto
2007 Itami International Craft Exhibition:theme=Jewelry accepted
2006 Itami International Craft Exhibition:theme=Vessel accepted
2005 Kobe Draft4!
2004 Kobe Fashion Contest/Pearl Jewelry (Cooperate company:Kinoshita Pearl Co.ltd)

2014 HKJMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacture Show(Hong Kong)
2013 HKJMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacture Show(Hong Kong)
2012 Duo exhibition “7years later” (collaborate with jewelery designer Keiko Yakushi) Ponte M(Osaka)
2011 Group exhibition “Craft&Miscellaneous goods Market”Hanshin Department store(Osaka)
2011 Group exhibition “JEWELLERY10″ Gallerie le Port (Kobe)
2011 Group exhibition “Exhibition of Kansai Creators”The Museum of Arts&Crafts ITAMI(Itami)
2011 Group exhibition “Jewelry for Men” gallery C.A.J.(Kyoto)
2009 Group exhibition “New Generation 2009”Stella&Kirana(Osaka)
2009 Group exhibition “Gense Museum” Zenkyoan in Kenninji Temple (Kyoto)
2008 Exhibition “I see a different you” Antenna Gallery(Kyoto)
2008 Collaborate exhibition “Nothing WHITE” PANTALOON(Osaka)
(collaborate with media artist Mauro Arrighi
2007 AMUSE ART JAM 2007 in Kyoto (Kyoto)
2007 Itami International Craft Exhibition:theme=Jewelry (Itami)
2006 Itami International Craft Exhibition:theme=Vessel (Itami)
2006 Group exhibition “Men’s Jewelery”(Itami)
2005 Group exhibition “The Enchanted Man”(Beijing/China)[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][/vc_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row extra_id=”look”][vc_column][rev_slider_vc alias=”zhenya01″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row extra_id=”jewelry” ses_title=”Jewelry” fullwidth=”yes”][vc_column]


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phone/電話 +81 (0)80-8808-1309
Monday–Friday | 10am–6pm (GMT +9)

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Location/アクセス 3-2-1,Higashiimazato,Higashinari-ku,Osaka

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